Whoopi Goldberg Hopes Wendy Williams Will Think Twice Before Choosing Hot Topics Now As Her Own Divorce Proceeds

Date June 17, 2019 14:45

The media industry is fueled by juicy gossips and shocking revelations. But, some anchors are thought to have touched the level of insensitivities to human emotions.

Whoopi Goldberg seems to find Wendy Williams' show segments to be a little thick-skinned. And she's isn't sitting quietly about it.


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Only months ago, Wendy Williams' husband, Kevin welcomed a baby with his mistress. His infidelity threw the sensational host off the deep edge and she even broke her sobriety. 

News after news emerged on their current situation as she decided to file a divorce. The latest one updated us that Kevin has apologized to his soon-to-be former spouse, Wendy. He pleaded that he isn't proud of his actions.


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Is this all a taste of her own medicine?

The brilliant anchors of The View, Meghan McCain, Sunny Hostin, and Whoopi Goldberg, feel for Wendy. They supported her amid this whirlwind of scandals on their recent episode. Though Whoopi had a very enlightening message for her too.


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Wendy Williams had dubbed herself the queen of hot topics. But the fate has turned against her as she has become a hot topic herself amid her split from Kevin after two-decades-long marriage.


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Goldberg hopes that her neighbor host will now think twice before dragging other people’s name through the mud on her famous talk show. She advised Wendy:

Now, Wendy remember all of this. Remember how this feels because you are going to come face to face with the kind of things again and empathy — remember the word.

Wendy isn't afraid to become a story 

To restore her plunging reputation and stop the tornado of rumors, Wendy has decided to narrate her plight voluntarily. According to reports, she has contacted major networks like ABC, NBC, and OWN to conduct her tell-all interview.

Unfortunately, the CBS host, Gayle King has already excused. She is the first to turn down this proposal and it is predicted many other TV personalities will follow her lead.


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It seems Wendy had a long due rivalry with other TV representatives. Will she be able to regain control and be the hero of her own chronicle? Share this and let us know what you think?