Prince William's Zodiac Sign Might Give A Precise Insight Into His Alleged Affair With Rose Hanbury

Date June 19, 2019 17:39

The initial speculations suggested that Rose Hanbury who was once a good friend to Kate Middleton has become her 'rural rival'. As more reports came, the reason behind it turned out to be Prince William's unconfirmed infidelity.


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Rose Hanbury's close friend informed the Sun News of the current situation. According to her, her marriage is in trouble and it was long before the rumors started.

Things are getting worse for the couple after such dirty accusations. The source disclosed:

These are very, very trying times for Rose and she has not found it easy knowing that she is the subject of gossip.


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Prince William zodiac speaks volumes  

The heir to the British throne was born with both his Sun and Moon in the emotionally needy sign of Cancer. As published in Astrology K, people with this zodiac are very likely to cheat because of their mood swings. It doesn't mean that they are bad at commitment or long-relationships.


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They only seek another partner when their spouse is disconnected. A Cancer man can also do this as an act of revenge. However, the guilt eats them alive. So an immediate confession tends to happen. If that's not an option, they will carefully conceal their betrayal and become even sweeter to their wife.


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The Palace's response

The legal representatives of royals are not taking this scandal easy. They have conveyed via press media:

In addition to being false and highly damaging, the publication of false speculation in respect of our client’s private life also constitutes a breach of his privacy pursuant to Article 8 of the European Convention to Human Rights.


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Well, we guess the show is over for tabloids. But at least we now know how dark the scene can get. Nothing of this sort is expected from Prince William anyway.