Sandra Bullock Dedicated Her MTV Award Win To Her Kids: She Can "Move Mountains" To Keep Them Safe!

Date June 19, 2019

Sandra Bullock walked the MTV 2019 with pure confidence. It was as if she was sure of the winning odds. What's more amazing is that in all the hustle, she didn't forget to be humble and give credit to her inspirational kids.


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For the starry event, the actress chose a sparkly red top paired with straight black trousers. It was the perfect blend of glamour and practicality. Her laced up boots rounded off the look pretty awesomely.


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A big shoutout to kids

Sandra Bullock won the Award for best-frightened performance and she claimed to have her two kids to thank for it. In her comical acceptance speech, the actress deemed her movie Bird Box to be an "educational video on the horrors of parenting".


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She then shifted the mood towards an emotional side. Sandra said she wants her children to see the film when they are like 21 and understand what a family should be all about.


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She closed the dialogue with a very comforting note to her precious ones, Laila and Louis Bardo. She said while addressing the audience:

I was put on this earth to protect you, you are my world, I love you so much, and I will move mountains to make sure that you are safe.

Her adopted bundles of joy

Sandra had never considered being a mother. In 2005, she realized that her child was actually in the disaster-stricken New Orleans, affected by Hurricane Katrina. Louis was taken up by her in 2010. His sister, Laila joined the happy family in 2015.

The sensational diva was only so brilliant in the movie because she could relate to the character on every level. We look forward to seeing her kids take over her legacy.