"Insensitive Talk" Hurts! Beth Chapman's Stepdaughter Has Allegedly Worsened Her Cancer Battle

Date May 31, 2019 11:56

Amid any adversity, the family is the greatest support and strength for the sufferer. While their love heals, their despise can be proved lethal. The Huntress of the reality TV series Dog: The Bounty Hunter is experiencing the same plight.

Previously, Beth Chapman who is battling cancer for the second time complained about her heartbreak. Duane's daughter from ex-wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain, Baby Lyssa is acting against her stepmom. She didn't invite her star parents to her 16-year-old daughter's graduation. Making another strike, she wished all of Beth's friends on Mother's Day except her.


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Plunging health 

The HollywoodGossip magazine has published a series of Beth's tweet responses. All of her statements point towards how Lyssa Chapman is aggravating things for her stepmom while she's fighting off cancer. Duane's wife didn't accuse her directly though.

Mrs. Chapman's health is compromised but she is fully aware of what others are doing to her. While replying to a cancer sufferer and her fan, she confessed that one of her family members talks insensitively to her.


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It was a big hint towards her stepdaughter's ruthless behavior that is ultimately worsening things for her.

People feel for Beth and stand by her 

This situation must really be hurtful for Beth. She is taking this blow at her worse. However, do you think it could be someone else other than Lyssa who's traumatizing her? Share this and send your prayers to her.