Choosing To Heal? Hilaria Baldwin Attends A Cocktail Party With Alec Weeks After Miscarriage

Date May 8, 2019 17:24

A strong family can always endure the toughest of adversities. The Baldwin squad proved they can overcome any challenges too. Alec's beautiful wife and mother of his five children have just taken a heavy toll on her health. Still, their support system is doing wonders.


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Last month, she has disclosed very sad news to her fans. Hilaria was thought to be pregnant and went she went for a scan her worst nightmare came to life. The reports confirmed that she had a miscarriage and her unborn child is no more. Mrs. Balwin put a brave face on and poured out her heart in an emotional post.


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Family day out 

Hilaria and Alec Balwin are getting over the tragedy as they have a lot to be thankful for. They are trying to heal through it and have the best time of their lives.


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Hilaria shared a beautiful latest portrait to relieve her followers of any worry. She was dressed in a light blue gown and posed beside her husband. Their adorable daughter, Carmen also joined then as the three of them planned on going on a cocktail party.

The mom-of-four explained Carmen's reason to tag along in the caption. She wrote:

Carmen has no school tomorrow so we brought her to a cocktail party @degrisogono...she got all dressed up, got to eat cotton candy before dinner, and played with lots of she says this is her “fancy face” to go with this super fancy experience 😂🥰


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People showered them with love and compliments


Great pic🙌 her little dress is adorable 💖


I love the romantic little girlhood you let her have. So dreamy and special. Well done mama.


She’s very cute but honestly I wouldnt want a child at a cocktail party


You are stunning! Beautiful family!

Alec and Hilaria's relation is just exemplary. Their family manages to warm our hearts every time we see them. Share this and blow a kiss to their lovely children.