Life Well-Lived! Legendary "Queen Of Cake" Maida Heatter Has Passed Away At 102

Date June 10, 2019

Maida Heatter shaped the history of the culinary universe with her skillful pastry making techniques. She has shared the delicious secrets of with the world, and now, it's her time to lay herself to eternal sleep.


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The iconic chef was born on September 7, 1916, in New York. She was a prolific cookbook author who specialized in baking and making desserts. Her successful recipe guides had instantly borrowed her fame in the 80s and 90s. Maida made the world sweeter and is also titled to be the "Queen Of Cake".


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Passing away at 102

One must comment on her long and healthy life due to her organic regime. Despite working with sugar, she managed to outlive most of her past competitors. 


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According to Today News, the legendary Maida Heatter passed away on June 6 at her home in Florida. She was 102 and died of a progressive age. This news comes only 2 months after the release of her final cookbook, Happiness is Baking.

Heatter's niece who also happened to be her devoted caretaker, Connie, helped compile the recipes featured in her book. The only relief is to know that her legacy will live on through her many cooking manuals, filled with her trademark subtle instructions.


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Warm tributes were paid in her honor

The aroma of her spirit will continue to spread in many kitchens around the globe. Rest in peace, queen chef. You are gone but not forgotten. Share this and send condolences to Maida's family.