Iryna Shayk Takes Her Daugher Lea Out Without Bradley Days After Lady Gaga's Scandal

Date March 4, 2019 12:46

No matter how much we adore Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in their iconic roles of Ally and Jack Maine in A Star Is Born, we still need to fix our eyes on Cooper's sweetheart, Iryna Shayk.


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The two are incredibly wonderful together, especially when they stun on the red carpets or are spotted in the city walking around. Bradley and Iryna have been together since 2015 and hopefully, more years are to come for this beautiful couple. 

The mesmerizing blue-eyed beauty 

Gosh, last week was crazy, especially with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's intimate performance, excessive PDAs, and other stories, which are to be remembered by many fans and celebs. 

Iryna Shayk Takes Her Daugher Lea Out Without Bradley Days After Lady Gaga's ScandalGetty Images / Ideal Image

Several days after Gaga's scandal, a Russian model was spotted with her 2-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine, without Bradley. Iryna looked fantastically stylish alongside her blue-eyed beauty, who inherited the best features from both parents. 


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Even heavy rain in Los Angeles didn't stop Shayk from taking her first child shopping and buying different toys for the little one.


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Do you think Lea De Seine looks more like Bradley or Iryna? Boys should beware in the future to hit on her, lol.

Is there tension between them?

Well, actually only God knows, but theoretically, yes. The whole situation about Gaga and Cooper was so intense that Iryna Shayk unfollowed the Shallow hitmaker. Well, it might be odd and awkward to see your other half hugging and kissing another person.

Our theory is that a Russian supermodel just got tired of all this romantic allegations and drama, and we totally feel her. Do you?

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