"It Is All Of You Who Truly Make The World Go Round": Andrea Bocelli's Heartfelt Photo And Message To His Mother Brings Tears To Our Eyes

Date May 13, 2019 15:53

Did you know Andrea Bocelli's mother was told to abort her child? 

Edi Bocelli's pregnancy was extremely complicated and painful. The doctors were believed to put ice on her belly for relief. Although further treatments didn't help and she was told to get rid of the unborn infant, Andrea's mother refused to abort him and put all faith into God's plan for her. 


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Thanks to her decision and belief, the Italian singer is alive and happy even with total blindness.

Mother's Day

Genes are powerful, and Andrea Bocelli proved it by posting a throwback photo with his mother Edi. 

The A-list singer, who happens to be a carbon copy of his courageous and beautiful mum, added a heartfelt message to the post. He wrote:

Mom, saying thank you to you does not seem enough to me!


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Bocelli further continued:

And I want to say to you mom, don’t be proud of a son who sings, but be proud of yourself, of your strengths and your wonderful faults that have shaped me, of your stubbornness and courage. 

Andrea Bocelli is great both at singing and writing touching texts, which bring tears to people's eyes. The singer concluded:

I am sending you a big hug, mom Edi, as well as to all the mothers in the world, because it is all of you who truly make the world go round.


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These words are undoubtedly wonderful and relatable. Indeed, mothers make the world better, and having a mother is like winning the most important prize!

Reactions of fans 


Absolutely beautiful Andrea God Bless You and your family your a outstanding artist your music is amazing Thank you from one Mum in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 XXX 🙏🏻🎶💙


That's so beautiful! Andrea Bocelli is not only an unbelievably talented man but a very intelligent and soulful one. Thank YOU for enriching my life with your beautiful songs and for the Mother's Day wish! ♥️


So beautiful. You are a wonderful son to your mother and she is proud of you. She is beautiful. And we are grateful to her.


Andrea, what a wonderful son,you are. Your Mother derseves everything you said. Just so lovely.

If you still have a mother, tell how much you love her every single day; if you do not have, know that her love should be bigger than your pain. Happy Mother's Day every day!