USA Outbreak: Dangerous Back-To-Back Tornadoes Sweep Through South-Eastern Alabama


March 4, 2019 17:13 By Fabiosa

Despite all positive moments, we are announcing sad news for the citizens of southeastern Alabama. The two massive tornadoes hit the city with gruesome aftermath for the locals, who are now left without their shelters and even family or friends. 

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Authorities notified horrible destructions around Alabama, mainly in Lee County. Hundreds of people are forced to remain without electricity, safety alongside facing tragic outcomes with their closest ones. 


The dangerous winter storm swept through the South. According to the last National Weather Service's estimations, the tornadoes were a half-mile wide with dangerous winds between 136 and 165 mph.


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Ruefully, at least 23 people are announced dead. It is still unknown the number of missing ones and the demolished buildings in Lee County, Alabama. 

People are searching for their beloved ones. One lucky woman finally found her granddaughter after the horrible tornadoes. The two described the place as "a war zone."

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Hopefully, everything is going to be alright. No more people will tragically pass away and all people will be found who are missing for now. 

Donald Trump's statement and people's prayers

Let's keep those whose lives were cut dramatically in the dangerous tornadoes and pray that this disaster will end very soon

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