Wowza! Beth Chapman Showcases Her Gorgeous Blonde Locks Amid Intense Chemotherapy

Date February 22, 2019

Cancer is the #1 enemy for everyone on this planet. Beth Chapmen knows this fact, as throat cancer has returned to her after the full recovery. 


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However, Duane's sweetheart doesn't give up. Ever. She continues battling cancer via chemotherapy, which results in losing most of her blonde hair. God, this is so horrible! 

That's the spirit! 

Being surrounded by close people and good friends is one of the greatest factors of a fast recovery. Well, at least, the mental one. Beth Chapman states that her newborn great-grandson motivates her to go on.


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Beth posted several photos showcasing her high spirits and gorgeous blonde locks! Sorry not sorry, but they look way better than ours right now. 


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Hey, look at this one! She's all smiles with this vibrant purple lipstick, isn't she? Duane's wife is seemingly going well, and her battle doesn't put her down as it could have. 


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We're so happy for Beth and her strong will to change her life and beat this disease. Hopefully, she'll be announced cancer-free down the line. 

Reactions of fans

Per usual, fans don't intend to leave their favorite Beth Chapman alone. They supported her and complimented these amazing locks. 


Prayers blessings and Angels coming your way to sourand you and guide you and protect you. God speed. God bless your whole family. You got this. Much love to you. Be strong and carry on. Amen.


Looking gorgeous as ever Beth!


Beth I just love you and Dog I have tried several times to see you guys while you were in Jackson Michigan. Never can catch up with you guys 😊


Stay strong. Your amazing even though you are sick you keep going. Determination is good. Beth keep going.

Well done, Beth, well done! She does need to continue this way, and even harder!

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