Could Adele's Impending Divorce Cost Her The Half Of Her $180M Net Worth? Experts Claim Her Fortune May Take A Hit

Date April 24, 2019 12:31

Several days ago, Adele's rep out of the blue sky announced her divorce from husband Simon Konecki after a three-year marriage and eight-year relationship overall and asked for privacy in such a situation.

The couple has one son, Angelo James, who is going to be back and forth with the parents' split. Yet, Adele and Simon have decided to co-parent their child "lovingly."


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Adele's $180 million divorce

According to numerous UK outlets, Adele and Simon Konecki are believed not to sign a prenup before secretly tying the knot in 2016; therefore, it means that the singer's multi-million dollar fortune might take a hit.


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If the couple decides to file for divorce in California — where they own property and Konecki’s business has a base of operations — Simon may be entitled to a half of the hitmaker’s earnings.

A divorce attorney, Sandra Davis, commented:

What is made during the marriage is likely to be split on an equal basis. It doesn’t matter who did what, or who contributed what.




In other words, 45-year-old charity entrepreneur can claim up to $90 million for the divorce process since the capital of his 30-year-old wife —the richest of the youngest stars in the UK — is estimated at about $180 million.


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Adele and Simon Konecki started dating back in 2011, had son Angelo in 2012, and announced their wedding only in 2016. Reportedly, the two lived separately over the recent time.

What's the reason for their split?

The couple's rep asked for privacy, avoiding the announcement of the real cause of the divorce. However, sources claim the reason is simply that they grew apart. 




Multiple reports also state that the divorce is unlikely to be messy for the sake of their son Angelo, who means the world to both parents.