"Dada Or President Obama?": Dwayne Johnson's Baby Girl Is Torn Who's Smarter And Better Looking


March 11, 2019 14:11 By Fabiosa

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson may be a tough heartthrob on the screen, but he's the softest person when it comes to his family. Being the father of three amazing daughters, he knows the core value of being a protective figure for them. 


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Every now and again, the former wrestler posts adorable pictures of his 2 little daughters, Jasmine 'Jazzy' and Tiana Gia from his girlfriend of 9 years, and they always make us swoon.

So, who's better: 'The Rock' or Barack Obama?

Dwayne Johnson celebrated International Women’s Day with his youngest daughter, and he’s reminding us why he’s #husbandgoals. He posted a cute video of 10-month-old Tiana, teaching her to say that he is smarter and better looking than the former U.S. President. 


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The A-list actor added a hilarious caption:

Really enjoyed teaching my youngest daughter Tiana Gia her answer when asked, ‘Who’s smarter and better looking… Dada or President Obama?' And despite the fact she took a very long ego-crushing pause, I remain optimistic we will shorten her response time dramatically.


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The Hercules star also added empowering and feminist things, which he is known for:

She kept her cool and didn’t crumble under intense pressure.
A future sign of good things to come 😉


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'The Rock' always plays with his daughters and nicely makes them say only great things about their dada. 

Fans were in awe, just like we were!


Wow so so smart


Wow amazing


❤️❤️😍😍 nice Daddy Dearest 😘😘


She’s beautiful rock!

We are falling for Dwayne Johnson every time he does great deeds to his parents, his partner of 9 years, or his beautiful daughters! 

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