Gaga's Bizarre Style Is Back! She Dons A Black & White Leather Outfit With A Bow And Ruffles On The Red Carpet

Date March 18, 2019 13:15

The world hasn't heard much about Lady Gaga after the 'love triangle' scandal at the Oscars 2019. And then, out of the blue sky, she confirms she's pregnant. WHAT? 


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Okay, sorry. Sometimes people like to overreact. But yes, she said the exact same phrase, only linking it to the birth of new music, i.e., LG6. It is going to be the singer’s sixth studio album.

Mother Monster's bizarre style is back 

It's no secret Lady Gaga likes extraordinary clothes, especially for performances or red carpet appearances. Certainly, the A Star Is Born social engagements still required something cooler, but the season is over now. 


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The Daily Front Row's 5th Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards met the Shallow hitmaker with opened arms as she stepped out in an unusual outfit. She opted for Rodarte leather ruched bustier with a white bow and ruffled details, a leather skirt, and black heels. 


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Gaga, who became the first person to win 4 major awards in a year, wore her bright locks in loose curls, evoking a Veronica Lake elegance. It was accentuated by her vibrant makeup and stunning silver heart and bow earrings.


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Indeed, 'Mother Monster' is back in town, guys!

How fans reacted


It is strange... But really cute! ❤️


Not my fav one, sorry...


I agree .... I actually don’t like this dress too hmmmm but I love Gaga


I only Like the part above her waist, and not the Bottom part

What do you all think about the outfit? Personally, we wouldn't have worn like that, but we do think it suits crazy and unique Lady Gaga perfectly. 

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