Hoda Kotb Was The Only One To Inspire Andy Cohen To Become A Father Via Surrogate At 50

Date February 20, 2019

Andy Cohen has just added the row of being a new parent. He can't stop gushing over his baby son, Benjamin Allen, sharing numerous photos and videos with the rest of the world. 


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The Bravo host feels surprisingly wonderful in his new role as a daddy and isn't going to stop losing this spirit and love to his little one. Cohen admits that he is deeply falling in love with his son every single day. How adorable!

Thanks, Hoda!

You know this moment when you just sit and analyze all your life overnight, and sometimes, it leads to the most significant decisions? That's pretty the same what happened to Andy Cohen. 


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The TV host is exceptionally thankful to his good friend, Hoda Kotb, for inspiring him to become a dad at 50 years old via surrogate. 

I was also wondering, ‘Can I do this at this moment in my life?’ I’m 50, let’s be real here. And I just said, ‘I’m going to do this, I’m going to try to do this,’ and I did. It’s incredible to me as I’ve now learned that surrogacy is illegal in many states … which is why I went to California. That’s where my wonderful surrogate was, who I owe so much to.


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However, Andy faced some obstacles on his way. He had major doubts about surrogate and adoption, becoming a father at such age, and having a kid as a single gay man. But all of this vanished once the host made up his mind to give it a try. 


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Now the Watch What Happens Live host is a doting father of his newborn son Benjamin, and we're patiently waiting for more pictures and videos!

Hoda Kotb and her little daughter 

The NBC News Today anchor became a mother of a girl Haley Joy at the age of 52. Due to her cancer story back in 2007, Hoda Kotb decided to free herself from risks and hence, adopted Haley. 


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The little one is already 2 years old! She's so funny, adorable, and smart. The TV host oftentimes posts photos with her, showcasing her cuteness, and our hearts always melt! 


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Congratulations to both Andy Cohen and Hoda Kotb for taking such a serious and crucial step in their lives!

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