Ex-Wife Of Miranda Lambert's Former Boyfriend Sheds Some Light On The Singer's Secret Wedding

Date March 8, 2019 14:08

Last month, the country singer Miranda Lambert got married to Brendan Mcloughlin, a New York City Police Department Officer. It was quite a shock and surprise to her fans since it was the first time she mentioned and even showed him to the world. 


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While many people found their secret wedding ceremony adorable and even romantic, some people were still somewhat skeptical at such sudden news.

Hmm, who's this mystery person who offended?

OK, real quick. Miranda Lambert was romantically involved with the Turnpike Troubadours frontman, Evan Felker, in 2018. His ex-wife, Staci Felker, was asked about her feelings toward the secret nuptials. 


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Felker replied:

I did think the dress was really pretty and I wish she would call me and tell me how it was so easy for her to get over my ex [Evan Felker] because it hasn’t been so easy for me.


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Umm, sorry, what? It was reported that Evan filed for divorced with his ex-spouse shortly after he went on the tour with Lambert in 2016. In 3 months, the divorce was finalized. 

Save a breath for another drama, please

So, yeah, as we said, Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker were having an affair when he was still technically married. But what made the situation be off charts was the country singer's ex-husband, Blake Shelton's tweet about karma

Fans readily linked it to their failed marriage. Blake and Miranda have been married for 4 years, and it’s been long rumored that she cheated on her husband, which might have led to the divorce. But he wasn't a saint, too. 

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Anywise, it's better to mind own business. Let's just be happy for Miranda's new husband and hope for their eternal happiness. 

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