"I Love You From This Eternity To The Next": Princess Of Norway Shows Her New Boyfriend, Wowing The Entire World

Date May 16, 2019 13:28

The Princess of Norway, Märtha Louise, asked for a boyfriend in a hilarious Instagram post on Christmas 2018. The post and wish were followed by 2.5 years after her announcement about separation from the first husband Ari Behn.


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The couple has three children together — Maud Angelica, Leah Isadora, and Emma Tallulah. After fourteen years of the marriage, Märtha and Ari called it quits forever. 

Her wish came true!

Certainly, that Christmas post on Instagram was supposed to be a joke, and everybody understood it. But destiny had other plans! 

The 47-year-old Princess of Norway, Märtha Louise, confirmed her new romance with an American citizen, Shaman Durek. The royal posted a series of pictures on her Instagram page, showcasing her new boyfriend. They seem so in love with each other!


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The Norwegian royal also added a heartfelt caption: 

When you meet your twin flame, you know. I have been lucky enough to have met mine. @shamandurek has changed my life, like he does with so many.


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The post was really lengthy, but it's like reading a poem, tbh!

He has made me realize that unconditional love actually exists here on this planet. He embraces all of me without question or fear ... I feel so happy and blessed that he is my boyfriend. Thank you my love, for including me so generously into your family. I love you from this eternity to the next.


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The Princess of Norway also added that it's no one's business to judge them or shame her for dating an American or anyone in that matter. Right, right!

Reactions of people 


You don’t know me, but I am really happy for you and wish the two of you lots of happiness together!


It is a shame that he is a con artist. He has claimed to cure cancer and to have cured disabled people. Get as far away from him as you can. Video Evidence will be in the news media soon. Despite his efforts to try to whitewash his history online


So much looking forward to meet you in Stavanger, at St. Petri church


Poor Norway! Why not to respect Christianity at all? If a princess wants to love shaman, she has to refuse from the princess title.


Ancient lovers never forget the echo of each other's hearts. An ocean of lifetime may pass but still, in the end, your heart will guide you home 🌠 Gratulerer! 💞💗😊🙏🌈

We don't care who he is or what they are planning to do next. All we hope is that the two people will love each other unconditionally.