Kate Hudson's Baby Girl Rani Is Such A Cute Grown-Up And She's A Carbon Copy Of Her Father Danny

Date February 22, 2019 14:15

It's crazy how kids can resemble their parents from top to toe! And Kate Hudson's third baby, Rani Rose, with her beau Danny Fujikawa, is living proof!

Rani is so close to being 5 months old, and we haven't even noticed how time flies. Although Kate is so different from her daughter than her 2 sons from previous relationships, she uses the same parenting technique, which is a genderless approach


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Interestingly, Goldie Hawn went the same parenting way with her kids, so probably Kate Hudson wants to follow in her mother's footsteps. 

Daddy's girl 

Rani Rose is soooo big! We can't believe how much she's grown up, and how much she resembles her father, 32-year-old Danny. The Brides War star posted a photo of Rani laying on her back. Look at this cutie!


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Yup, Rani has nothing from Kate whatsoever. Maybe, just her cuteness, but absolutely everything – facial features, eyes shape, color, and so forth – is a copy of her dearest father. 


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No need to beat around the bush. Rani Rose shares the striking resemblance with Danny Fujikawa, and we're truly thrilled to see baby girl in the future. 


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Would it be lame to ask whether you see the same resemblance? Yes, it would. Sorry. 

Reactions of fans 


Oh my God!!! This princess is very beautiful!!! 😍💗💗


 She is SO beautiful!!!! Enjoy every precious minute ❤️❤️❤️❤️


She looks so much like her daddy!!! So adorable 😍❤️


She is going to be a beautiful Young Lady, just wait and see...

Mini-mi Rani Rose is going to run the world once she's an adult. Hopefully, she'll be safe, healthy, and happy!

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