Meghan Markle Has No Regrets Spending $500K On Baby Shower Stateside Despite The Criticism, Reports Say

Date July 1, 2019

Meghan Markle's raucous baby shower was like ages ago, but people and royal experts still take this topic for numerous debates. The Duchess of Sussex spent approximately $500K for the NYC joy, causing raised eyebrows and speculations. 

Piers Morgan once told that the Queen "would be concerned" for Meghan's behavior and call for attention, covering the topic of taxpayers money; though the now mother-of-one was seemingly over the moon.


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No regrets

According to US Magazine, a source close to the Sussex couple said Meghan Markle "doesn’t regret the baby shower in NYC" amid the social media backlash.

The 37-year-old royal hosted a baby shower stateside and she "doesn’t regret celebrating her baby or doing it in NYC." Reportedly, Meghan spent five days chilling out with her American pals at The Mark Hotel.


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Indeed, a baby shower is solely an American thing and doesn't happen in the UK. While Americans had a neutral or positive attitude toward the former Hollywood star, the British people were somewhat furious.


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Well, Meghan just wanted to have quality time before dedicating all her life to the husband and son. Maybe, it's the time to let it go?

$3.05M house

Several days ago, the news about the price for Frogmore Cottage's renovation was lashed out. Reportedly, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spent $3.05 million on the overall design to make a place comfortable for baby Archie. 

Piers Morgan slammed the Duchess — again. Piers Morgan ‘attacked’ Meghan for her huge expenses and “extravagant lifestyle.” The journalist even compared Markle with Kim Kardashian in his column in Daily Mail.


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Honestly, if the Queen is fine with that, so why would people such as Piers Morgan bother so much?