Melania Trump's UK Outfits Cost At Least $80K For A Three-Day Visit. People Are Wondering Who Paid For Them All!

Date June 6, 2019 15:20

June 3rd was a remarkable date as Donald and Melania Trump arrived in the United Kingdom for a three-day official state visit.

The couple attended numerous events hosted by the Queen as a sign of their close collaboration and relations. 


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Apart from the political and economic side, there's also something which requires attention — Melania Trump's gorgeous outfits, which ideally coordinated the royal style. 


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Though we fixed our eyes on First Lady's elegant and chic numbers, some people calculated the approximate amount of the ensembles within three days. 

Melania Trump opted for well-known and pricey brands, such as Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Celine, and so forth. Presumably, she spent around $80K for the three-day visit.


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Only one her outfit is estimated at between $45K-114K or even more which is known so far. Another Givenchy dress cost $7K. So, what about others?

People are actually wondering who paid for all of that. They are assuming that taxpayers did for all the outfits. But we are talking about the presidential couple, right? Their fortune is like the whole Universe!

We don't care about money that much, to be frank. Donald and Melania Trump had an opportunity, so yeah, God is with them!