There Was A Real Archie Harrison Windsor Before Meghan And Harry's Newborn Son, And He's So Adorable!

Date May 21, 2019 13:37

People still wonder why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have chosen name Archie for their newborn son. The bookies suggested Arthur or James, but the new parents opted for an extraordinary name in the British monarchy. 

Perhaps, the real inspiration was a little boy that the couple met in New Zealand. His name was Archie, and Prince Harry liked it so much. Prince Harry then passed it on to his then-pregnant wife, who nodded to the subtle suggestion. Well, Archie Harrison might be named after that Archie!


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The real Archie Harrison Windsor

Yes, yes, the real boy with the same name exists — and he's the original one!

Before Meghan and Harry's son, there was real Archie Harrison Windsor. According to HELLO!, a proud mother Emma Kilgour was rather surprised to see that the Sussex couple have almost the same name as her own two-and-half-year-old child.

Kilgour reflects:

I couldn't believe it. I saw it on Facebook, and I was so excited! It wasn't a name I expected them to choose. It wasn't a very traditional name. The fact that they have the same middle name as well is such a big coincidence. I was very shocked.


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The parents of the authentic Archie Harrison Windsor have always considered their son as the royalty, as he's got the surname of the British royals. 


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Although the boy is too little to understand the entire situation, he is now calling himself 'Archie Harrison Windsor' instead of 'Archie', as he used to before. How cute is that?!

The meaning of the name

Archie, short for Archibald, originally means genuine, bold, and brave. It's definitely a great choice for a member of the royal family! 

Harrison means Harry's son which later developed into a male first name with the same meaning behind it.


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It seems like the name Archie will be getting popular, especially for those who like the royal family. The same happened with the names George, Charlotte, and Louis after Kate gave birth to her 3 children.