“​Wherever You Wanna Live, You Can Live”: ​Dwayne Johnson Buys A Brand-New House For His Dad

Date March 5, 2019 16:12

It's always nice when children look up to their parents and inherit only the best qualities and talents. Dwayne Johnson became 'The Rock' after he followed in his paternal grandfather and father's footsteps in wrestling


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The combination of wrestling skills, natural charisma, and talent made him one of the A-list Hollywood actors and one of the most wonderful human beings on the planet. Despite a tough childhood and adolescence, Johnson never ceases to be optimistic and thankful for life.

He is an excellent example of being a family man 

Having three children on his own, shooting for magazines, and filming different movies don't prevent Dwayne Johnson from cherishing his parents.


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About 2-3 weeks ago, he called his dad and told:

You're probably happy where you are but I want to do something for ya. I want to buy you a brand-new home. 


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'The Rock' went on telling how much his pops was happy because nobody had done something like this for him before. "Wherever you wanna live, you can live," Dwayne finished.


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His famous dad, Rocky Johnson, is going to settle down in a new house in North Florida. The high-profile actor has affirmed multiple times about his dad's tough but genuine love and attachment to him. 

His mother is also lucky to have such a son 

If you still don't know, Dwayne's mama was about to end her life when he was just 13 years old by throwing herself under a car. But as a hero, 'The Rock' saved her, and she is still alive. 


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On Christmas Day, the father-of-three made a surprise present for his beloved mother – he bought her a dream house. The woman couldn't stop her flood of tears over such joy and excitement, and it's admittedly understanding.


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The world seems brighter and kinder with such people as Dwayne Johnson. He's a perfect example of how children should treat their parents!

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