Wow! Barbra Streisand Receives UCLA Award As She Slays The Event With Her Beloved Family

Date February 25, 2019 16:13

One of the key goals for life is a strong and healthy marriage with the person you love the most. While most of us are still searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right, Barbra Streisand can be proud of her wonderful long-lasting marriage to James Brolin. 


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You can say their love was undoubtedly at first sight. They have been cheek by cheek for more than 50 years, and hopefully, their happy and smooth road is still pretty long.

The family that slays together!

Not only Oscar was remarkable for dozens of artists, but the Streisand-Brolin kinship also celebrated their own success. Barbra, James along with Josh and Kathryn Brolin, attended UCLA dedicated to the environmental issues and other essentials in the Universe. 


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The talented Barbra won UCLA IoES award for her huge dedication to the environment. The singer posted this wonderful moment on her Instagram page. 


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Indeed, Streisand had a long and complicated way to her success, and now she's in her 70's, but global recognition and admiration flow into her life. 

How people reacted

Yup, it wasn't an Oscar award, but the fans were supportive, anyway. 


Looking so good, everyone! 🐾🐾


Lovely 🎈


It’s sure hard to recreate a powerhouse classic!!! Humbling to see ya’ll Hanging out! Enjoy


Barbra u and James look fabulous. Keep up the good work Barbra. #yourbiggestfansamantha

We wish the best for Barbra Streisand! She's an inspiration for many people and an excellent example of keep going and never giving up. 

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