Possibly Leaving 'The View': Meghan McCain Reportedly Feels Like An "Exhausted, Defeated Caged Animal"

Date July 4, 2019 17:06

One year ago, Meghan McCain lost one of her dearest people — the former U.S. Senator John McCain died from cancer. On August 24, he announced his denial in any treatment and the following day, he left this world forever.

The entire family was devastated and heartbroken as John meant a lot for each family member, friend, co-star, and other people who have ever met him. Rest in peace.

The exit

Meghan McCain's life has been somewhat fragile. The TV star may be leaving The View's 23rd season and rejecting ABC's projects after two years working.

The daughter of late Arizona Senator reportedly feels like an "exhausted, defeated caged animal" amid a spate of negative publicity.

A source close to Meghan claims the host is emotionally drained, isolated, and angry after Daily Mail portrayed her "manic," "self-obsessed," and "unreasonable" person who cries and gets sad all the time when she's roasted on social media.

After two seasons of discontent, McCain feels like she is falling apart. Although some people say she's not an angel, can be really tough, and swears a lot, she is likely to stray from The View next year.

Love to the fights

Almost every high-profile personalities behave oddly at their works and outside the career, too. It seems like Meghan McCain likes to fight on The View.

When someone disagrees with her to start to mention things she doesn't feel good about, McCain starts a fight and loud disagreement.

What is going on with Meghan? Maybe, she's still heartbroken over the loss of her father?