Wendy Williams's Back! She Stepped Out With A Brand-New Haircut After 2 Months Of Absence

Date March 6, 2019

Wendy Williams is finally in the spotlight now!

She was diagnosed with Graves’ diseases and thyroid disease about 19 years ago and everything got more complicated several months ago. 

Wendy Williams's Back! She Stepped Out With A Brand-New Haircut After 2 Months Of AbsenceGetty Images / Ideal Image

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Williams had to put her work aside to dedicate all her time and efforts of successful treatment and balance in her mobile life. 

But she's here, ladies and gentlemen

After being absent for nearly 2 months, the talk show host is doing pretty well, according to her recent statement. The 55-year-old presenter returned to her show on Monday with a brand-new haircut - a chin-length bob!

Speaking on the show, Wendy Williams conceded she was doing much better after focusing on her physical and mental well-being. She also thanked her fans for waiting patiently for her return.

The Wendy Williams Show presenter positively stated that her health state is much better than before due to a new dosage of medications, gym, meditation, and just needed rest. 

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We hope she'll always be doing just fine, and no more serious complications will ensue. 

Reactions of fans 

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