Former 'CNN’s Inside Africa' Journalist Soni Methu Dies At 34 After Experiencing Severe Stomach Pain

Date April 15, 2019

Soni Methu was a kind-hearted and beautiful young woman, who was a successful journalist and the former CNN's "Inside Africa" host. Methu was very proud and honored to be the first Kenyan host of the long-running program and was extremely passionate about presenting her homeland to the entire world.

Her last chapter is ended

On April 11, Soni Methu suddenly died after experiencing severe stomach pain at the age of 34. 

According to her younger sister Faith, the former CNN's presenter was at a hotel in Kenya when she out of nowhere grabbed her stomach and collapsed before having something like a seizure.

Methu was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital but sadly was pronounced dead en route. However, the official cause of demise is yet to be identified by the officials.

The Kenyan journalist was able to light every room up with her presence and positive energy, her colleagues claim. Unfortunately, her young life was cut short out of the blue sky. 

People paid heartbreaking tributes to Soni

Life is life. Rest in peace, Soni. She will be definitely remembered by many people she was lucky to meet.