Jane Fonda Had A Nervous Breakdown During Season One Of 'Grace And Frankie' As The Main Plot Line Was A "Big Trigger" For Her

Date May 30, 2019

The A-list stars, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, starred together in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie. Several months ago, they appeared side by side at the panel, looking astonishing and elegant for their age.


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Even though Jane Fonda is a very talented actress, she faced some challenges at the beginning of filming Grace and Frankie. The 81-year-old star exclusively confesses to The Hollywood Reporter she had a nervous breakdown in season one.

I discovered it’s because of the very first episode: our husbands tell us that they are going to leave us after 40 years and marry each other and that triggered abandonment. 


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An Academy Award-winning actress realized how badly her character Grace could affect her personally. She added it was a "big trigger" and hence, could trigger "something very profound."


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However, Fonda learned how to love her character and accept the differences between real herself and the main hero in the Netflix show. 


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The Grace and Frankie series has been broadcasting since 2015. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin seemingly found their coherence. Perhaps, having someone you deeply love and respect could help the actress overcome some initial issues.


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Despite struggles, Jane Fonda was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2017 for her role Grace. How admiring!