Countess Of Wessex Looks Ultra Stylish In A Navy-Blue Jumpsuit And Complementary Hat On Royal Ascot's Third Day

Date June 21, 2019

Royal Ascot continues gladdening everyone. June 20th was Ladies' Day, though neither Duchess Camilla nor Kate Middleton was in attendance. 

However, the Countess of Wessex — Prince Edward's beloved wife — is no less stylish and stunning at the regal events. 

Ladies' Day

Jumpsuits happen to be a trend nowadays, but it's something uncommon among the royals. Notwithstanding, the Countess of Wessex looked vibrant in a 70's navy-blue outfit, featuring the off-the-shoulders top and wide-leg pants, pairing it with black towering heels.


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The jumpsuit was accentuated with a wide belt, which perfected the number on Royal Ascot's third day. The Countess also paired her outfit with a matching hat, a navy-blue clutch, and tender jewelry.


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Ultimately, the Countess of Wessex was dressed up in a demure style — yet fashionable and stunning. 

People's reactions


Sophie is such a gorgeous lady!!! she is stunning


The Countess looks so beautiful in that dark blue 


She is perfection 😭❤️


The Countess of Wessex looks lovely today.


Better than the old fashioned dresses a lot of them are wearing

The Countess of Wessex and Prince Edward celebrated a 20-year wedding anniversary on June 19th.