What's Happening? Lady Gaga's Ex, Christian Carino, Likes Irina Shayk's Alleged Post-Split Hot Photo On Instagram

Date June 12, 2019 14:25

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk reportedly have ended their four-year relationship as A Star Is Born seemingly destroyed the couple's romance. When the movie gained worldwide success, people noticed steamy chemistry and bond between Cooper and Gaga. A source told PEOPLE that the reason for the split is Bradley's emotional absence in the family-of-three.


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A couple of days after the tremendous news, Irina Shayk flew off to Iceland for some business affair. 


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The Russian supermodel shared a hot swimsuit snap on Instagram, and it seems like Lady Gaga's ex Christian Carino liked it very much. Shayk's followers liked her super slender figure in a one-piece swimsuit, and Carino was one of them.

Interesting fact? He doesn't even follow her.


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Lady Gaga and Christian Carino called it quits back in February, causing speculations about the singer's love to Bradley Cooper.

People are for Irina Shayk


Ciao Brad.... Ciao..


Bradley is crying somewhere 😭😭😭


Can’t believe what Bradley Cooper did.


Girl get back with Ronaldo😍😍😍😭


Show him what he’s missing 🔥

The situation is really, really odd. Don't you think so?