"He Has Your Beautiful Eyes!": Fans Are Amazed At How Much Andy Cohen's 5-Month-Old Already Looks Like Him

Date July 23, 2019 12:31

Andy Cohen has been in heaven ever since the birth of his baby boy Benjamin on February 4.

The Watch What Happens Live! host constantly shares updates on his little angel and our hearts fill with joy as it's obvious that Andy was simply meant to be a father.

Benjamin is taking after his daddy

As always, the time flies, and Benjamin is growing up. But now we can actually see that the little one is slowly transforming into his papa and it's oh so cute.

Cohen is well-known for his big brown eyes and now he shares them with his son. We can definitely start seeing the resemblance between the two!

Fans also caught their likeness

Many of Andy followers agree that Benjamin is Andy's mini-me.


You!!! Identical!!!


His face is so beautiful and those eyes OMG! Looks just like you Andy!!


He is adorable ❤️


He has your beautiful eyes!!!

o you agree with everyone else? Doesn't little Ben look like his daddy? Tell us in the comments!