Millions Flee Their Homes As Hurricane Florence Approaches North Carolina, South Carolina, And Virginia


September 11, 2018 14:05 By Fabiosa

As an unrelenting Hurricane Florence approaches the coast, officials in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia have begun to evacuate residents in their numbers.

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Massive evacuations underway

At the last count, no less than 1.5 million people had been evacuated from their homes along the coastal regions after the storm picked up steam.

Hurricane Florence was originally categorized as a tropical storm, but on Sunday, it crossed the 74mph threshold and officially became life-threatening.

Concerned responses

Disturbing reports on Monday say Florence could reach a category 5 intensity and speed of 155mph before it hits.

According to officials, it's still possible for the direction to swing southward or northward, but they think it will hit the North-South Carolina border on Thursday. Reacting to the recent developments, President Trump has tweeted his support.

He said on Monday afternoon:

We have already began {sic} mobilizing our assets to respond accordingly, and we are here for you!

Disaster relieve agencies have also tweeted their support and availability.

So far, the residents are doing their best to prepare for the storm expected to last a few days. We hope everyone stays safe.

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