First Time Parent! Andy Cohen Shared His First Confusion With A Stroller As A New Father

Date April 23, 2019 17:28

Since becoming a father for the first time in February, a lot has changed for Bravo host Andy Cohen. Now, the first time dad is sharing his struggles of being a parent.


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Find love again!

The host in March went on his first date since he welcomed his son. Andy speaking about the date on The Howard Stern Show admitted it didn’t turn out the way he had expected.


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Cohen had been set up with Chris Wilding a staff from Stern show. Recalling how the whole date went, he said right from the start, it was clear that both of them wanted different things in mind before they met.

Chris was also disappointed, as Andy was 15 minutes late. He added that it seemed like Andy’s mind was wandering throughout their conversation.


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In addition, Andy was slightly drunk and walked into the glass door when he was leaving

Parent struggles

The Watch What Happens Live host shared his struggle as a first-time dad. Cohen speaking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Thursday, said:

It's been such a journey and it's been so interesting trying to just figure out how to do everything. I was kind of freaked out about the stroller. I thought, I'm going to look so weird pushing a stroller. It just seemed odd to me and I was scared to take it out.


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Cohen admitted that he felt he would look weird using a stroller: The Bravo host further said he didn’t remember any dudes pushing a stroller, but now, that’s not the case.

His friend also sent him pictures of Bradley Cooper and Matt Damon pushing strollers. He explained: 

I love the stroller so much. It is like pushing a shopping cart, I can put everything in it.


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Like Father Like Son!

Cohen and his little Benjamin definitely were not bored during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

In order to celebrate the holiday, Cohen shared the cutest picture ever. The cute baby was spotted in identical white-green pajamas with the dad.


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Though little Benjamin seemed not to be in a mood for pictures, his dad, on the other hand, was all smiles posing for the photo.

We guess it’s okay to say Andy Cohen has found his favorite baby item.