Beth Chapman's Stepdaughter Lyssa Shares Family Photo Despite Feud Before Her Passing

Date July 9, 2019 15:37

It’s no secret Dog the Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman and her stepdaughter Lyssa were feuding during her cancer battle. Now that Beth has passed awayб Lyssa seems to have put the feud aside.

Insensitive talk hurts

Beth Chapman complained about heartbreak. Duane's daughter, Baby Lyssa, is acting against her. The reality TV start highlighted a few things Lyssa had done which broke her heart.

A series of Beth's responses on Twitter pointed towards how Lyssa was aggravating things for her stepmom who's fighting off cancer. Though Beth didn't accuse Lyssa directly, she confessed that a family member talks to her insensitively.

Old feuds set aside

The death of a loved one has a way of bringing feuding family members together. This is the case of the Chapman family after their matriarch, Beth, passed away from throat cancer.

Beth and her stepdaughter, Lyssa had been feuding for some time up until the reality TV star’s death. Lyssa recently posted a never-seen-before photo of the family on Instagram with the captioned: “Forever.”

In the photo, Beth, her husband Duane Chapman, his son Leland Chapman, Lyssa, and other friends and family posed happily for the picture.

Since Beth’s coma and subsequent death, Lyssa has been sharing posting lovely pictures of herself and her stepmother on Instagram. This would appear to be a sign that the feuds have been set aside.

Fans react to Lyssa’s gesture


You should be ashamed not to acknowledge her mother's day and not invite her to your daughters graduation. You hurt her deeply. Please don't pretend you care now.


I have watched this show for so long and it's like losing a family member. Beth was always beautiful but it seems she was even more beautiful st the end. It's like she was at peace and she had an inner glow. RIP Beth 💔😪


I never talked to her but listen to her on tv made me think about the life I was living. Her inspirational words made me wake up and change my life for the better. Went from being a pill head to a boss in a big time factory and taking care of my family


💔😘 keep making her proud!! Thinking of u and your family.🙏

Lyssa seems to be changing her ways after losing her stepmother.