So In Love! Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Show That Their Affection Is Strong During Date Night

Date April 3, 2019 15:59

After more than two decades in the film industry, Nicole Kidman is one of Hollywood’s biggest actresses. The Australian beauty in her latest work Destroyer plays an LAPD detective who, in her youth, went undercover in a cult gang and resulted in a tragedy.


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In a chat on the British talk show, The Graham Norton Show, Nicole revealed that her role in the movie had an unfavourable effect on her 12 years marriage to country singer Keith Urban.

Their love is strong

The 51-year-old actress recently posted a selfie on Instagram enjoying date night at the theatre with her country superstar husband.

They attended the show Network at the Belasco Theatre in New York City.


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“Thank you Bryan, Tatiana and the whole cast for a riveting and arresting night of great theatre,” she wrote on instagram.


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Couple goals


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The Hollywood couple's marriage has withstood the test of time. They met way back in 2005 have been married for over a decade with two children. Nicole and Keith are never shy of showing off their love to oneanother. 

With busy schedules it's so sweet these two have time for date night!



You are so beautifulll❤️❤️❤️


@nicolekidman You are perfect i love you💕you are My idol My dream is to meet you💛nicolekdaily

Awww, ya’ll are adorable 😍


How beautiful are you?! Always! 💕

They are indeed such a dreamy couple, we love them!

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