Important Health Update: Olivia Newton-John Isn’t Letting Her Third Battle With Cancer Get Her Down

Date April 5, 2019 12:18

It’s no secret that the 70-year-old Grease star Olivia Newton-John has been battling with cancer for the third time in her life. She is going through radiation therapy, as well as using natural remedies.


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Earlier this year, Newton-John took to her social media page to respond to shut down rumors about the state of her health. In a heart-warming video she posted on Facebook, she assured her fans that she is "doing great."


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So strong

Newton-John isn’t letting the reality that she is battling cancer for the third time get her down. In fact, the singer-songwriter has a rather bright outlook on life these days.


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She exclusively tells Closer Weekly: 

“I think the thing I keep relearning is gratitude and just to relax. Life is not to be rushed through, it’s to be savored and be grateful.”

The 70-year-old beauty adds that she is spending lots of time with her family and beloved animals as of late.

“So I’m really, really, happy — I’m maybe at my happiest right now.”

As for what makes the Grease star the most cheerful, she credits the “simple and important things in life.” These things include daughter Chloe Rose Lattanzi, husband John Easterling, “being in nature”, and all her friends. For the record, Olivia’s rather large furry brood includes a dog, a cat, 14 chickens, and two miniature horses.


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Positive attitude

Newton-John also reveals that she has fully recovered from the cancer-induced pelvis fracture from last year. Exercise is still out of the question for now, but she is walking and, at least when the weather warms up, Olivia says her pool will be the next challenge. Thankfully, she is feeling “great” and her strength is improving “every day.”

Even though the activist admits she has always had a “pretty positive perspective” on life, what has shifted for her is learning to adapt to whatever life throws at you no matter what it is.


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We’re on a river and it keeps moving and you just go with it. It’s all been an amazing journey and I’m loving every part of it.

Have a speedy recovery, Olivia!

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