“Beautuful Couple At Any Age!”: Carrie Underwood Posts Photo With Husband Mark Fisher Looking Like 80-Year-Olds And Fans Are Loving It

Date July 17, 2019 15:47

Country singer Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher have joined the list of celebrities using the Faceapp to show what they would look like as an older couple.

9 years of marital bliss

Award-winning singer Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mark Fisher, recently celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary. The couple is also proud parents of two children.

Mark congratulated his wife with a heart-melting message on Instagram. Over the years the couple has shown that they are each other’s biggest fans.

Jaw-dropping transformation

The award-winning singer joined the current social trend of using a face application to transform facial features into anything.

Carrie posted a photo of herself and her retired NHL star husband looking like an older couple in their 80s with the caption: "Everybody's doing it."

In the photo, the couple looks pretty wrinkled and Mark with grey beards. But they still managed to look stunning for an elderly couple.

Fans of the singer and her beau couldn’t believe it was them, as some assumed, they were looking at a picture of Carrie’s parents. As many talked about the picture, several fans even compared Mark to an older hunk like Harrison Ford.

Don’t they look great for a couple in their 80s?

Fans compliment the couple’s older look


Omg didn’t read the caption and thought wow her mom looks like an older version of her and then looked at the guy n was like wait... hahaha awesome !


This terrified me at first😂. But somehow y'all still look good 🙌


Beautiful couple at any age!


Hahaha. Oh. My. Goodness!! So good.

So cute! We believe the couple would still remain as wonderful looking as they are today in the future.