Amal Clooney Parades Her Striking Beauty As She Dines With Barack And Michelle Obama On Luxurious Vacation In Italy

Date June 25, 2019 12:37

Barack and Michelle Obama took their daughters on a lavish family vacation in Europe. During the trip, the former presidential couple visited some of their celebrity friends, including George and Amal Clooney.


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The Clooneys welcomed the Obama family at their gorgeous villa near Lake Como in Italy. As the two couples met for a dinner, we couldn’t take our eyes off stunning Amal.

Summer vibes

The British barrister stepped out of a boat, arriving near a dock on Lake Como, looking absolutely breathtaking.


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Amal set a new summer fashion trend as she appeared in a unique bright orange dress which looked so wonderful on her.


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The pretty number featured a bold pinky-purple flower pattern from the top to the bottom. Amal paired her dress with an orange clutch because you can never have too much color in your outfit, especially in summer.


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Did social media like Clooney’s dress?

Users online loved the dress, saying that Amal is a true beauty. @sabahhaddadbadr said:

Amal you look amazing as usual.

@pinni_gwyther was happy to see the two couples together:

Two of the most fabulous couples in the world, they do so much good.

@ldallday agreed:

Love the Clooneys and Obamas. True stand outs, all of them. The Obama daughters included.

We had no idea that the Clooneys and the Obamas are friends but it was nice to see them hanging out together. We can be sure Barack and Michelle have had a very lovely vacation.