“This Woman Is A Marvel:” Queen Looks So Adorable In Brand New Bright Outfit As She Attends 20th Anniversary Of Scottish Parliament

Date July 1, 2019

Just recently the British royal family got under fire. It was revealed that the monarchy ate up $82 million of taxpayer's money during the last 2 years.


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76% of Brits were left enraged saying that the royals spend too much, while only 21% agreed that the expenses were necessary.


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Nonetheless, no matter how angry the British public might be, they still love their Queen as they recently greeted the monarch on her latest outing.

Pretty in blue

The Scottish Parliament has welcomed Queen Elizabeth II to mark its 20th anniversary. The monarch arrived at Holyrood where she made a touching speech saying how she had watched Scotland "grow and prosper" with great pleasure.


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For such a special occasion, Her Majesty donned an electric blue outfit featuring a stylish coat, a cute dress with a floral pattern, and a stunning fascinator.


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Her ensemble matched perfectly, making the monarch look very fashionable yet keeping everything classy.

Royal fans love their Queen

Social media praised the monarch not only for her looks but for her deeds as well. @deniseclark.123 said:

This woman is a marvel! I cannot imagine her schedule, most people of her age, are sat in a blanket resting! Incredible woman!

@nikofilakias13 noted:

The most inspirational lady in our land, apart from my mum.

@x mariestacy3065 commented:

She always appears to be enjoying the circumstances that are being commemorated and the people present.

@thedonnagale added:

I love the Queen- I was born in England to a British woman, raised in US. I feel a connection. I wish we had someone in our WH w half the dignity and grace as Her Majesty.

Her Majesty is a huge inspiration for people her age and we love her for that.