61-Year-Old Melanie Griffith Blows Social Media Away With Her Insanely Hot Body In A Sultry Swimsuit

Date July 5, 2019 12:56

Melanie Griffith got under fire when she posted a brand new photo of herself on Instagram. The actress’ fans couldn’t recognize her face anymore after numerous plastic surgeries she underwent.

Just like many other celebrities, Griffith couldn’t accept that inevitability of aging so she decided to get some help to preserve the fading youth.

But the results were far from natural. However, there’s one thing Melanie is working hard for with her own powers – her body, and it’s looking smashing right now!

Incredible physique

Melanie Griffith proved she is definitely bikini ready as she enjoyed a lovely vacation in a sunny Ibiza, Spain.

The 61-year-old blew social media away when she shared a gorgeous photo of herself chilling on a yacht. The actress demonstrated her insanely hot body in a stylish black bikini and we can’t believe one can look as good in their 60s!

Previously, the actress showed that a body like that requires hard work at the gym. But all that sweat and grueling workouts definitely paid off.

Fans reacted to her snap

@alanakstewart commented:

Lookin' good, girl!

@sandraleejones agreed, saying:

Stunning lady.

@ karylpyt8808 couldn’t believe Melanie is 61:

Omg so gorgeous are you sure you 50 + 11. I think its for like 30. What a role model you are for us women!!

However, @annabananna88 wasn’t sure it was all Griffith’s hard work:

Stomach looks not real.

What do you think? Is it all the actress’ efforts or did she used some extra help?