Interesting Choice! Celine Dion Flaunts Blue Diamond Necklace From 'Titanic' As Part Of Her Outfit During Paris Fashion Week

Date July 4, 2019

When it comes to fashion, nobody can make the jaws drop like Celine Dion. The Canadian diva has been gracing the tabloids with her sometimes crazy but always stylish outfits during Paris Fashion Week.

Last time Celine appeared in public, she channeled bridal vibes in a revealing mini-dress that featured massive billowing sleeves.

But yesterday, Dion proved once again she’s is a master of catching people’s attention as she donned very unexpected jewelry.

The Holy Heart of the Ocean

What is the best way to accessorize a simple outfit? How about wearing one of the most famous necklaces in the world? Celine Dion surprised fans on the streets of Paris as she flaunted the blue diamond necklace from Titanic as part of her look.

The songstress paired the breathtaking charm with a daring nylon mini-skirt, a classy gray blazer and a cool t-shirt which read “I love Paris Hilton.” She also donned a new short and sleek hairstyle.

For those who might’ve forgotten, the necklace is called the Holy Heart of the Ocean. In Titanic, Kate Winslet’s character Rose received it as a gift from her fiancé. Later in the movie, she threw it in the ocean. But it looks like someone picked it up.

Fans react to Dion’s look

@goldie.lox88 commented:

I thought Rose tossed it in the ocean that day.

@mbfarrelly said:

Ugly outfit. noted:

She looks like shes really on some heavy pillz shes hooked on or anorexic cause she isnt toning her skin. Honey dont ever forget where you came from.

@ramalinardi added:

sis out here lookin kinda like gabbie hanna

It seems that social media is not particularly pleased with Celine’s outfit but we like it! How do you feel about it?