Heartbreaking! Sarah Michelle Gellar Mourns The Passing Of Her Beloved Pet Dog Bella: “Leave Us Too Soon”

Date May 24, 2019

Sarah Michelle Gellar feels heartbroken as she mourns the passing of her beloved pet dog. Fans support the actress amid her sad loss.


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Mourning my best friend

It’s always sad to lose our loved ones. For some of us, our furry pet friends are like our family members. That is true to say about Sarah Michelle Gellar and her dog.

The actress shared a tearful post on Instagram, revealing that her beloved pet dog Bella died. Sarah released a series of photos with Bella alongside a heartbreaking tribute to her.


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Gellar got emotional in her post:

I know that time on this earth is a gift, but sometimes those gifts leave us too soon. Bella you were truly the sweetest, kindest, most loving dog and friend. 

The post continues:

 I’m grateful to have had you in my life. I love you


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The actress revealed that Bella lived in her family for the happy six years. Sarah loved her pet dog and, no doubt, Bella loved her back.


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Fans support Sarah

@ jonleebrody

Sweet Bella. She was truly the best. 💚💚

@ buffystyle

Aw I’m so sorry it’s so hard to lose a pet. They’re family.

@ mizjer93

Time is so precious. We always wish for longer, but we cherish every second. I’m so happy you had six wonderful years with her and she spent six wonderful years with you knowing she was loved and cared for.

@ mischiefmanaged21

Awww, six is way too young. Poor baby

As dog lovers, we totally understand the actress’ feelings right now. We are so sorry for your loss, Sarah. Stay strong!