“I Love You So Much”: Dick Van Dyke And His Charming Wife Arlen Celebrate 7 Years Of Their Happy Marriage

Date March 4, 2019

On February 29, Dick Van Dyke and his lovely wife Arlen Silver celebrated the 7th anniversary of their marriage. Do you want to know how Dick and Arlene surprised each other on this special day?


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Happy anniversary, Dick and Arlene!

Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver's love story is the one deserved to be featured in a movie. Denying all odds, Dick and Arlene keep proving that age difference doesn’t matter when you love your partner.

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Seven years ago, Arlene Silver made the headlines when agreed to marry 46-year-older Dick Van Dyke. At that time, Dick was 86, and she was 40.

Although their marriage caused a controversial reaction from fans, now, we can say for sure Dick and Arlene are a perfect match blessed in heaven.


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On their 7th anniversary, Arlene surprised her soulmate with a touching love tribute. She shared a sweet photo with her charming husband, cutting a gorgeous cake, and wrote in the caption:

Four score and seven years ago, the Mister @official_dick_van_dyke and I took a “leap” of faith and jumped into a life together filled with laughter, music, dancing, kindness, positivity and joy…


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Golden words!

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Eternal love

What’s their secret to a happy and strong marriage? Maybe, it’s because Dick and Arlene are always candid with each other and share common interests, including their passion for music.

Perfect match!


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Our congratulations and warmest wishes to this wonderful couple, Dick and Arlene! May their love blossom every single day!

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