Duchess Meghan Was Spotted Wearing A Lovely 'Mommy' Necklace When Left NYC. Is It A Gift On Her Baby Shower?

Date February 21, 2019 12:09

The glowing and pregnant Duchess Meghan was spotted wearing a very beautiful 'Mommy' necklace on her way home after the baby shower. What is it? A gift from one of the guests?


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Chic and fancy baby shower

Duchess Meghan must have been over the moon during these days as she arrived in New York to have her baby shower there.

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Meghan’s trip took 5 days. Prior to the baby shower, the royal mom-to-be had several reunions with her good American friends, including a tennis star Serena Williams.

On Wednesday night, The Mark Hotel (the party place for Meghan’s baby shower) turned into a glamorous red carpet event in the best Hollywood traditions.

Celebrity guests arrived at the party dazzling in their chic and trendy gowns. The guest-list included Amal Clooney, Serena Williams, Abigail Spencer, Jessica Mulroney, and Meghan’s former co-stars.


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'Mommy' necklace

On the next day after the fancy baby shower, Duchess Meghan was spotted on her way from the hotel. The mom-to-be looked a bit exhausted, yet glowing, in her sporty-styled outfit and a black baseball cap. Meghan added some colors to her looks with a stylish beige coat.


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However, one tiny detail couldn’t remain unnoticed among the royal watchers. Pregnant Meghan was wearing a lovely golden necklace featuring a meaningful inscription 'Mommy'.

Fans immediately suggested that the charming necklace was a gift for the mom-to-be from one of the guests. Meghan didn’t comment on whose gift that was, but we must agree, this person has a perfect sense of style.

We hope the Duchess of Sussex spent the best 5 days in the Big Apple with her good pals. Now, it’s time for Meghan to return back to England to her beloved husband Harry.

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