Troubles In Paradise? Princess Beatrice Almost-Husband Edoardo Shows Some Kind Of Interest To His Ex-Fiancée

Princess Beatrice’s boyfriend could get into trouble for his recent actions. The matter is that Edoardo liked his ex-girlfriend’s snaps on Instagram. ‘What’s a big deal?’ – someone may say. ‘How could he do it to Beatrice?!’ – others will claim. So many men, so many minds.


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Troubles in paradise?

Princess Beatrice revealed she is dating 34-year-old Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi for a bit more than half a year.

Eduardo was previously married and has a child. According to reports, he is on good terms with his ex after their divorce.

But his recent actions generated a huge reaction among social media followers. The matter is that Eduardo liked his ex-partner Dara Huang’s snaps on Instagram.


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Though it’s quite obvious that ‘liking’ each other on social media doesn’t mean you will cheat on your girlfriend in real life, some fans still started worrying whether everything is Ok between Edoardo and Beatrice.


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Is wedding on the way?

According to reports, Beatrice and her boyfriend already talk about the wedding. The lovebirds attended lady Gabriella Windsor’s wedding together a week ago. They were all smiles and looked madly in love that day.

Reports claim that Beatrice’s parents are delighted with her love choice as well and think the wedding is just around the corner.

I don't know if he has actually got down on one knee with a ring yet but they are openly talking about marriage and it will either be later this year or possibly early in 2020.


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We really hope that this story with Edoardo’s ex won’t ruin his relationships with Princess Beatrice.

What do you think? Is it Ok when people are liking their exes’ photos on Instagram? Please, share your opinions in the comments.