Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman’s Daughter Was Spotted With A New ‘Scientology’ Tattoo. Is Nicole Ok With It?

Date June 18, 2019 15:47

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s daughter was spotted with a brand new tattoo. Does it have any relation to her dad’s Scientology beliefs? And what’s more important – how did Nicole Kidman react on this?


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New tattoo

Earlier these days, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s adopted daughter Isabella (or simply Bella) was spotted on a family promenade with her husband in London.


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Paparazzi couldn’t help noticing a new tattoo on Bella’s left index finger. It resembles an alien’s head.

Fans immediately suggested that Bella’s new tattoo has some secret meaning and relates to her interest in Scientology. As we know, the 26-year-old young lady has followed in her dad Tom’s footsteps in this field.


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Bella and her brother Connor are both converted to Tom Cruise’s religion. Earlier this year, Bella released a letter, in which she thanked her father and revealed that Scientology helped her change her life for the better.


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Is Nicole Kidman OK with it?

As for Bella’s mother Nicole Kidman, she previously said she respects her children’s choice and loves them no matter what.


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However, a couple of months ago, numerous publishers reported that Kidman obviously doesn’t like the idea that Connor and Isabella have put Scientology ahead of everything.

As for Tom Cruise, he totally supports his kids in their devotion to Scientology, as he remains a great supporter of this religion for many years.

He said commenting on his kids:

They have always been strong about their beliefs.


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It’s good if Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman support their children and let them live their own lives and make their own decisions. Such mutual understanding is the basis of every strong family. Do you agree?