“It’s So Weird”: Parents-To-Be Harry And Meghan Were Harshly Slammed For Their Decision To Keep The Baby Birth Private

Date April 12, 2019 14:42

The soon-parents-to-be Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were brutally slammed by a TV presenter for their recent decision to have a private baby birth.


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Royal baby birth plan update

Baby Sussex is about to arrive near time soon. Royal watchers can’t wait already, as well as the royal parents-to-be Harry and Meghan.

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On Thursday evening, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex surprised fans with an unexpected announcement. The spouses released an official statement, saying they plan to have a private baby birth.

What does it mean? It means Harry and Meghan will announce their baby birth only after they have an opportunity to celebrate a newcomer privately as a new family.


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“It’s so weird”

Some fans agreed with Harry and Meghan to keep their personal joy in private, at least, for a while. But there were those who slammed the Duke and Duchess, calling their decision “weird.”

A popular British panel show, Loose Women, obviously doesn’t share Harry and Meghan’s point of view on the baby birth. The show presenter, Jane Moore, called it “weird.”

Moore said:

Who does that? That's such a weird thing to make an announcement that you're not making an announcement.

The host added:

If you're going to have a baby at home, what difference does it make if you just tell people that you've had the baby?

Some people can agree with Jane Moore, but isn’t it up to Harry and Meghan to decide when to announce the baby birth?!

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Another important update

Meghan Markle reportedly won’t give birth at Lindo Wing like Princess Diana and Kate Middleton did. It means royal watchers won’t spot the new parents posing with a newborn in front of the cameras on the hospital steps.


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Nevertheless, there is still a chance for royal watchers to find out about baby Sussex arrival. According to a royal correspondent, The London Eye will light up in red, white and blue when Harry and Meghan’s baby is born.

Baby Sussex is almost here! He or she is already making history as fans feel thrilled about his/her joyful arrival.

Pregnancy is an amazing time! Harry and Meghan will be awesome parents, no doubt. This woman was afraid to be alone with a little baby, but she could defeat her fear.

Having a baby is the greatest blessing on Earth. We should enjoy every precious moment of this wonderful time.

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