Kathie Lee Gifford Is Ready For A Relationship With A New Man 4 Years After Her Beloved Husband’s Passing

Date June 14, 2019 11:17

Kathie Lee Gifford is finally ready to move on after her beloved husband’s passing. Is Kathie open for a new relationship? The star got candid in the latest interview.


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Love of my life

It’s always heartbreaking to lose our loved ones. Everyone, who had the same experience, knows firsthand how much it hurts to deal with a loss.

Kathie Lee Gifford lost her beloved husband Frank 4 years ago. Frank didn’t live to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. He left this world in 2015 at the age of 84.


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No need to say that Gifford was devastated after Frank’s demise. The only thing that helped Kathie Lee keep living at the dark timed was her job and, of course, her two kids.


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Ready to move on

Fortunately, time heals even the deepest wounds. After 4 years since Frank’s death, the former Today anchor opened up she is finally ready for a new relationship.

Kathie Lee said:

God’s going to bring someone into my life, and I’ll be delighted. I ain’t looking for it. It’ll find me!


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Gifford added:

If there was somebody in my life, I’d make all the time in the world for him.


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We really hope that Kathie Lee Gifford will find a new love and will be happy in her new relationship. We sincerely wish her all the best!