Meet Nancy Pelosi's Only Son Paul Pelosi Jr.: He Is A Businessman And Seems To Still Be Single In His 50s

Date August 23, 2019

Nancy Pelosi is a 79-year-old female American politician, who is a member of the Democratic Party.

Since 2019, Nancy has been the speaker of the United States House of Representatives and is the only woman to have ever held that position.

Nancy, who is the highest-ranking elected woman in the United States history, is married to Paul Pelosi, and together they have five children, 4 daughters, and 1 son. She is also a proud grandma to 9 grandkids!

Interestingly, Paul Pelosi Jr., who is Nancy's only son, looks so much like his mother, it is astonishing!

Paul Pelosi Jr.

Paul Pelosi Jr. is a 50-year-old American businessman who is a Green Environment activist.

Pelosi, who is the president of San Francisco's Commission on the Environment, is so much into the Green life that he takes only San Francisco's electric Muni buses.

He also refuses to wash his clothes during peak hours of energy use!

Paul Jr. is the co-founder of Natural Blue Resources Inc., an investment company.

The company which was founded in 2009 was created to focus on environmentally-friendly ventures.

The businessman, over the years, has gathered experience advising emerging companies in the areas of corporate governance, business development, sustainability, and public policy.

Paul's relationship

Right now, Paul Pelosi Jr. appears to be still an eligible bachelor that can be snagged, as he is single.

According to reports, he was previously dating lingerie model Nicole Bulick, about 10 years ago, but nothing has been heard since then about his love life.

Despite have a private life, Paul's achievements are no doubt a testament to how great a mother Nancy Pelusi is.