"Crazy" Summer Holidays With Non Stop Laundry And Enormous Food Bills: Mother-Of-21 Gets Real About Her Daily Routine

Date July 25, 2019 12:10

Ah, the long, lazy days of summer. Lie-ins, no work and endless days of doing whatever you want to do. For our children, that is.

School holidays can be a difficult time for parents. Even if you are home, keeping children entertained can be tough, especially if there 21 of them.

That is the reality for Britain's largest family. Sue Radford, 44, lives in Morecambe, Lancashire, with her 48-year-old husband Noel and their 21 children.

During the summer break, she says weekly food bills amount to £350. Moreover, she spends 3 hours tidying every night, and 3 loads of clothes washing are put on daily.

The super-mom said:

"The summer holidays are a bit crazy and, with so many children, it gets very expensive. We don’t save for it, we just have to go with the flow."

The reality is that every vacation for the family looks like a horror film. Mrs Radford described the packing process as a 'military operation', with her sectioning the children's clothes into bin bags to organize them all:

"It takes two to three hours to clean up after them all, the kids can make an awful lot of mess very quickly.

Although the idea of staying at home during the summer when your family is twice the size of a football team is tempting, Sue and Noel want their kids to live just normal life and enjoys the holiday as their friends do.

The family, however, do feel happy in their daily routine and enjoy the time they spend together. Isn't it great?