" Fat Joke": Famous Diva Gemma Collins Bursts Into Tears After Being Viciously Fat-Shamed By Her Boyfriend

Date August 16, 2019 18:22

Gemma Collins surely needs no introduction - but we'll give her one anyway.

Who is Gemma Collins?

The GC, as she's also known, has been a reality TV stalwart since the dawn of time, it feels.

She has graced many different television programmes since becoming a household name with her debut on The Only Way Is Essex back in 2011.

Gemma may have begun her showbiz career on TOWIE, but she's also a businesswoman and runs a successful fashion company named after herself.

Moreover, the woman is the main character of her reality show Gemma Collins: Diva Forever.

Gemma is now dating with her TOWIE co-star James 'Arg' Argent. Interestingly, the couple has been in on/off relationships since 2012. Yet, it's hard to tell whether the two are really happy together.

Body shaming

During one of the last episodes of "Gemma Collins: Diva Forever" the woman broke in tears saying that her partner labeled her a "fat joke" in the past, and claimed that she's "only famous because [she's] a fat joke".

In the scene, a shocked Dawn Ward whom the woman told about the conflict suggested that Arg was probably putting Gemma down to make himself feel better because deep down he knows that she's the real star.

"For me, to see her tonight, she seemed like a broken woman,"

- Dawn admitted.

People's reaction

As you'd imagine, it sparked a big reaction on social media, with many of The GC's fans showing their support for the reality favorite and criticizing Arg's nasty comments.

Donnachie Tamara said:

"I used to dislike her but then I watched her on Celebs go dating & I genuinely thought she was hilarious. Those two are not suited it's been obvious for years. Get rid Gemma! Being with wrong person is draining. Everyone deserves to be happy."

While Hayley Debnam added:

"Omg has he looked at himself! She's smaller than him! By watching the first episode,he's actually like a child! And quite controlling! 'wheres the phone chargers' 'wheres my nandos' 'wheres my sliders' recording her whilst she's asleep because she snores....deffo mental abuse as I've been there!"

This isn't the first time Argent has made hurtful comments about Collins. All in all, we hope the reality star will eventually find someone who will accept her and love the way she is. The woman deserves happiness just like all of us.