The End Of Music Career: Ed Sheeran, 28, Retires From Music As He Wants To Dedicate His Life To Family Matters, Reports Say


August 28, 2019 18:02 By Fabiosa

Ed Sheeran, a 28-year-old British singer and songwriter best known for his work “Perfect,” which has garnered over 2 billion views on YouTube alone, has recently stupefied his fan base by announcing his semi-retirement.

Ed Sheeran retire from music

The singer made this announcement on 26 August 2019 at the final gig of his grueling 2-year-long tour. He’s likely to return to music-making some day, but his respite from the industry is likely to be an extended one.

"I'm starting a life with Cherry. I can't spend the next 20 years on the road,"

- he said in June.

The ostensible reason behind Ed’s decision to take an extended break is the need to spend more time with his wife Cherry Seaborn, away from the hustle and bustle of the music industry. There is, after all, no gainsaying that the couple does not like public attention too much.

Indeed, Ed and Cherry had a secret wedding ceremony in 2018 – something that Ed would not confirm until a year later. Now that Ed has announced his semi-retirement, the two have effectively eloped from the madding crowd of fans once again, but even farther into the thickets of private life this time.

People's reaction

Although the couple has probably shielded itself from the madding crowd of fans, the fans nonetheless enjoy an untrammeled freedom to express their exasperation at Ed’s decision on online platforms. They, in fact, opine that Ed has full moral rights to take an extended break from music:

Christine Boynett said:

"Good luck to them, Ed has performed to millions over years, giving so much pleasure but now it's his time with his beautiful wife to share quality time.. Thank you for the music Ed.. ❤️🎼🎶🎧🎤🎸📀💕"

Lucy Nolan added:

"I announced my retirement last week half way through a shift, my manager just laughed and told me to get back to work! No chance of retiring for another 30 year atleast!!!"

Naomi Agyemang:

"Good for him. How blessed to be able to retire at 28 years old 🙏😊"

Heather Hawken admitted:

"Good luck he deserves time with wife and has made plenty money for his early retirement but I think he will be back soon .☺"

Judging by the highest standards, as much as we love Ed’s oeuvre, he does not have to sacrifice his family at the altar of his music career. He might need this extended break from music to contemplate his future and potentially learn to strike a delicate balance between his family and career.